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I have gathered wild foods from fields, woods and wetlands since I was a child. I have been doing it for about 47 years now. I have also been gardening for almost as long.

For close to five years I lived in a settler's log cabin in Central Ontario, Canada. There was no running water, and only wood heat. I did buy supplies, but most of the food I ate came a garden in the yard and foraging in the area around the cabin. It was a tough life, but something I had always wanted to try. Though I had been gardening for many years before - both with conventional and wild plants - the time at the log cabin was like an intensive course. As so often is the case with me, I learned just as much from the failures as the successes. I've written a book about that time called, "The Cedar Log Cabin". During the restoration of the cabin I was able to do something I had wanted to do for years - green woodworking. Go here to see some of my green woodworking projects related to the cabin.

There is a website about the life in and the restoration of the log cabin, and you can read the story at The Cedar Log Cabin.

There is also my website dedicated to growing Wild Foods called: Wild Foods Home Garden.

Cornelius and David

At Aylen Lake just below the South-East corner of Algonquin Park. On the beach with Cornelius. Fall 2006.

Search Nature's Restaurant & Wild Foods Home Garden Websites:

Important Notes when Identifying
Some Cautions
Dangerous Plants to Avoid Touching

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