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Season: Late Summer & Fall

Most people just get rid of the seeds from their Halloween pumpkins and cooking squash, and this is a real waste of the best part of the plant.

Any kind of squash is good. Most pumpkins too, but the really huge pumpkins have seeds that are too tough.

Squash seeds 1

This is a Butternut squash cut in half in the seed area. Most people throw out the seeds, but they are the best part I think.

squash seeds 2

Using a tablespoon scoop out all the seeds and orange stuff.

squash seeds 3

Put into a container with water and squish it around with your hands. Grab bunches of it and squeeze. This separates the seeds from the orange stuff.

squash seeds 4

Using you fingers, lift out all the orange stuff you can.

squash seeds 5

Pour off the water very carefully. Most of the orange bits and empty seeds will pour off leaving the heavier seeds behind. Add more water, mix around and do again. Maybe even a third time until you are happy with the results.

squash seeds 7

Dump the seeds into a sieve and rinse.

squash seeds 8

Gently dry with a clean dishcloth or paper towel and put in a frying pan with a little Grape seed oil and a touch of salt. Gently, at a fairly low temperature fry until golden colored. Cool and eat. Should be crispy. You don't have to "shell" them if cooked right, just eat the whole seed shell and all.

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