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Wikipedia on the web.

Illinois Wildflowers on the web.

Northern Ontario Plant Database on the web.

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There are some people that I must thank.

First off, this book would not have been written if not for Mark Fenton. For years he kept pushing me to write down my knowledge of plants, what is edible, and what to do with them. Over and over he would ask if I've written the book. It finally made me realize that maybe I should. I think Mark just knew that without being pushed, I wouldn't do it - and it's true. Thanks Mark, I'm glad you thought my knowledge was worth putting down, and that you didn't relent.

I want to thank Pamela Walsh for being so open minded when it came to eating the foods I gathered, buying me books on the subject, and going with me collecting them. There aren't many people who will happily eat Stinging Nettle and Grape Tendril soup the first time it is set in front of them. The times out in fields and woods gathering mushrooms, grains and plants together are some of my fondest memories. I want to also thank her for the pictures in this and other books of mine that she has taken.

I want to thank Chris Snedden and Jodi Potter for finding the Hericium mushrooms that I took pictures of for this book. And I want to thank Pauline Vanderwerf for being enthusiastic about buying and reading my first two books, and being so encouraging after reading them about continuing writing other books.

I want to thank my mother Olga for teaching me about gathering and eating Hickory Nuts and growing food in gardens. Without that, I would have been forever stamped with the notion that food comes from a store.

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Important Notes when Identifying
Rules & Cautions
Dangerous Plants to Avoid Touching

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